Super 5 Sundays Bible Study Series

This Fall, we are kicking off our Sunday School classes with a 5 week Bible Study series, with 4 studies from which to choose. These classes are geared toward the teens through adults.

The Topics Include:

Parenting 101 / 201 with Pastor Ron Tobin
The Christian In the Workplace with Pastor Don Root
Defending Your Faith in a Godless World with Brother Fred Buehner
The Armour of God with Brother Colden Hershey

The Parenting 101/201 Class will discuss:

¨ Mistakes to Avoid

¨ Overcoming Obstacles

¨ Being Balanced

¨ Love Conquers

The Christian In the Workplace will discuss:

¨ The Christian and their Boss

¨ The Christian and their Co-Workers

¨ The Christian and their Paycheck

¨ The Christian and their Testimony

Defending Your Faith In a Godless World will discuss:

¨ Does God Exist?

¨ Can We Rely on Our Bible?

¨ Is Christ A Reality- Did He Really Live?

¨ Bible Question Time

The Armour of God will discuss:

¨ Armed to Endure

¨ Learning to Stand

¨ Ready to Fight

and will have actual Roman armour demonstrations as part of each class