In last month’s article we looked at whether your Christian life is Full Proof or not. We looked at how understanding the culture in which we live is a vital part of having a full proof ministry. And when we begin to apply what we have learned from the Scripture about our culture and our response to it, it allows us to develop that much full proof ministry.

1.  We must maintain an understanding of the culture which we live in.
2.  We must continue in what we have learned from the scripture.
     We continue this month with what a full proof ministry looks like in our lives.
3.  We must use Biblical Methods.

Whenever we speak about ministering in a post Christian and godless culture that is around us, we must consider what that looks like for the one who is doing the ministering. To minister in this present culture we need to shed off the pharisaical that is so prevalent in the American church culture today. After that is done, then we must also begin to apply the biblical understanding that is coming from the Scripture itself and not just our traditional ideologies of the American church.

II Timothy 3:16 reminds us that all Scripture was given by and under the inspiration of God and it that very Scripture that produces what is profitable for out walk with Christ.

a. Doctrine: this is what we believe and practice in the Christian life. We must get back to living out scripture in and through our lives. The doctrine or teachings of the Word inform us of what is the right way to live.

b. Reproof: this is the portion of scripture that tells us what is wrong in our life. It is the part that points out where we are to blame for how we live.
c. Correction: thankfully, the scriptures do not just tell us what is right and what is wrong it also corrects us so that we can take the reproof along with the doctrine, correct what is wrong so that it can be made right.

d. Instruction in Righteous: this is the portion of scripture that instructs us on how once we get the wrongs right, we can keep it right in our lives.

Once we are on the road to keeping these things right and as we mature in our Christian life, God begins to equip us for a work that is good for us. Part of the work that God matures the believer for is the work of telling others about Christ. This biblical instruction is given in I Timothy 4:1-2, as Paul says to not be afraid to Preach or Proclaim the Word. His instructions were to be instant, which means to understand that it is a pressing matter of utmost importance to do this immediately without making any delay at the present hour. In season and out of season means that there is never a time when this is inappropriate to do so.

When this biblical method is employed, we must understand there will be certain results that happen as people are reproved to a sense of guilt, as they are rebuked, and given caution from the word. We are to be long suffering in their lack of response to the doctrine that is given.

4. We must understand that not everyone is going to receive the message. Not everyone that hears and even walks with Christ for a while will stick around the things of God. We see that with the people in the gospel accounts that walked away from Christ when He was on earth, and we can expect the same today. We cannot be surprised that people hear what they want to hear. Sadly, this applies to those on both sides of the religious spectrum. There are those who don’t follow at all, and there are also the modern day pharisees that exploit and misrepresent the grace of God. Because both sides will and do often reject the truth of sound doctrine due to their own desire to hear only what is acceptable to themselves. Understanding that the message that we are to give to our culture will be rejected is not always easy for us to get. But we must watch and endure even when this takes place.

5. We must always be seeking to see someone come to Christ. In spite of the unwillingness of people to listen and receive, the Gospel does not free us from the responsibility to share the good news of the saving power that is found in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. That is what doing the work of the evangelist is all about.

Are you full proof?

To be full means to abound, be complete, strong, and not faint as well as being clear, distinct, and well supplied. Proof is to be firm resisting impressions, directly connected to the mind. One that is not easily swayed by the art of seduction or the assaults of temptation.

God has supplied us with His Word to share and give to others. May we be firmly set in our supply and swayed by the common vices of our day in order that we may fulfill the ministries God has called each of us to do.