Castra Ministries

“I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; my God; in him will I trust” Psalm 91:2


The word castra is Latin for a soldier’s camp or fortress. During the First Century A.D., Roman legions would march across Europe and the Middle East establishing these fortresses wherever they camped. Out of these camps sprang many of the cities of modern Europe. In these fortresses, the Roman soldier was trained and equipped for battle and the rigors of his everyday life.

In this same way, Castra Ministries wants to equip the modern Christian by with a better understanding of the facts surrounding the life and times of Christ, early Christians and their impact on Western Civilization.

Join us today in bringing history to life and equipping believers in their Christian walk.

Available For:

  • Sunday Schools
  • Christian Schools
  • Workshops
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Church Services
  • And Special Occasions (such as Youth Events, Bible Camps, Banquets, and Much More!)

The Whole Armour Of God

This presentation , based on the passage of Scripture from Ephesians 6:10-18, shows a more accurate picture of the Armour of God during Paul’s time. It helps Christians gain a deeper understanding of how each piece of armour described held unique spiritual significance in reference to the Roman soldier of his day.

Life and Times of the Testaments

With this presentation, you get to choose any topic from either the Old or New Testament. Castra Ministries will bring history to life by illuminating the culture and times of the Bible in an intriguing way. Breathe new life into familiar passages of Scripture, and watch your group grow in their understanding of the Bible as well as their faith in God.

The Crucifixion

Discover the full historical context of the Crucifixion and what was unique about Christ’s death on the cross in comparison to other crucifixions. Explore a Roman soldier’s perspective of this event to view a fuller understanding of Christ’s love for mankind.

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Salvé! (Greetings!) My name is Colden Hershey, and I am passionate about the study of Ancient History, and the life of a Roman soldier during the 1st–3rd centuries A.D. You can request us to arrive at your church, classroom or event to give an interactive and dynamic presentation. I present a variety of Biblical topics from a historical perspective of the life and times of early Christians, as well as the Roman legions who occupied the area during that time. I arrive for the presentation in full armor, with weapons and other related articles of the period to display with my soldier’s gear for a greater educational experience. My wife has started an amazing collection of Ancient musical instruments as well.

Because my wife, Heather, and I work together for these presentations, people can enjoy seeing the female citizen perspective represented as well as our child–the Littlest Roman, and the various unique demonstrations my wife has available unique to her skills. Her presentations include her extensive Ancient musical instrument interactive display of over 50 AUTHENTIC REPLICA INSTRUMENTS OF ANCIENT ROME, GREECE, ISRAEL AND EGYPT. You can also request one of our joint presentations for an even richer historical experience for your group or organization. Heather is amazing with children’s programs and activities including puppets, storytelling, object lessons, crafts, games and music. As a pastor’s daughter, she has been working with all ages in ministry her whole life.

I hold a Masters degree in Ancient/Classical History, a Bachelors degrees in History and in Biblical Studies, with a minor in New Testament Greek. My wife carries a Bachelors in English Education and minor in Music.

Together, our love for history, God’s Word, and teaching has developed into this unique ministry with the hope of giving believers a deeper understanding of the Bible and early Christian history. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.

You can also visit the Hershey’s History website for Colden’s history blog, fun activities for kids, free printables, games, resources, and even teacher resources and supplemental material.

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