We are happy you have entrusted us with the care of your child while you are in Worship Service and/or Sunday School Bible Study. Parents can have peace of mind knowing the Tomah Baptist Church Nursery has a long history of excellent and safe childcare with loving workers who are eager to make you and your child’s experience at Tomah Baptist a pleasant one. A state of the art paging system provides quick contact and further security for parents. Nursery is provided for newborns through two year olds for all Bible Studies and worship services and Toddler Church for three and four years old for Sunday morning services.

Helpful Guidelines for New Nursery Users at Tomah Baptist Church:

SIGN IN — When you arrive at the nursery room, please sign your child in and fill in the requested information regarding which Sunday School class you are in, whether your child has juice, whether your child may be fed snacks, etc. You will need to list any special needs/allergies on our sign in sheet. Parents should indicate on the registration form any who may be allowed to take the child from the nursery.

DIAPER BAGS — A cubicle will be available for the child’s diaper bag. Please do not use the pegs to hang diaper bags; they are not strong enough. The pegs are to be used for the child’s coat. Please label all of the child’s belongings.Pacifiers should be attached to the child’s clothing if they have one.

FEEDING — Caregivers are happy to feed your child a bottle or juice that you provide. Formula must be premixed. Your child’s bottle or sippy cup must be labeled. Cheerios and animal crackers are provided to children as snacks, unless parents specify otherwise.

ILLNESS — We are concerned about the health of all the children in our care. Much attention is given to keeping the nursery clean. *Please do not place your child in the nursery if they have been sick within the last 24 hrs or if they have displayed any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, questionable rash or skin infection, open sores, or runny nose (anything but clear).

PICK-UP — Please be prompt in picking up your child from the nursery as any delay can result in distress. We hope you will use our loving nursery on a regular basis so you can participate in Worship and Sunday School each week. We love to get to know your children and look forward to seeing them each Sunday.

OTHER — Please indicate whether you want your infant to be placed on his stomach versus side/back. Hot beverages are not to be brought into the nursery; this is to prevent burning a child, should it spill. Children will graduate from the walker nursery when they are two years of age.

CRYING ROOM — All children are welcome to the services at Tomah Baptist, but if you seek an alternative, and your children are with you during the service, you are free to use our crying room for those times when you would like to be a part of the service but feel the need to separate yourself and a child from the rest of the congregation. The “crying room” is located to the left, before the auditorium. It has a large sound proof glass window with blinds, as well a speaker to conveniently hear the service.