Revival: Is It Time?

One of my favorite hymns th/at always brings conviction is “Do you Really Want Revival” Everything for the first three stanzas poses these thoughts:

1. Do you really want revival? Do you really want God’s power?

2. Are you praying for Revival? Are your praying for God’s power?

3. Yes, I really want revival! Yes, I really want God’s power!

The song posses a convicting question with a positive answer. I fear that I and most Christians really do not want true revival. Yes, we want God’s power, but I am not sure we are willing to tarry in prayer for it. I’m not sure either if we are willing to make the needed change in our own heart and life (styles). How long has it been since we wept over our own sins or even admitted we have them and that they are a deep offence to God. The typical Christian mimics the world by saying things like “I’m just human” or “God knows me and knows I love Him,” or it’s not a big thing, it’s just my way, my generations way” etc.
Now, where are we at today? Millions of Christians are doing their church from home, live streaming.

We, the staff of TBC, are diligently trying to feed and minister to our church families each week. God willing, all of our people are watching. Some, however, don’t have the ability to watch so DVDs will need to be delivered to them.

Lord willing, when the ban is lifted there will be hunger to be back together. Sadly, some might not. They can either be clinging to a self religion, or revealing that they never knew Christ. This too can be the beginning purge of revival.

Here is what I am seeing as a shepherd: Christians are beginning to take time to care for others. Some are sharing the Word more than before. Family Bible and prayer times are meaningful. Hopefully, we will have made plans to continue this after things start returning to normal. That definitely is revival! As we run to God and uphold our civil leaders in prayer or spiritual ones to have God’s wisdom, let us be faithful. Faithful in our calling and faithful to Christ’s only ordained instrument till Jesus comes, the local Bible believing church.

Speaking of the Lord’s return, this cur-rent virus may even be a prelude or preparation for the rapture and subsequent Tribulation. Personally, I would rather be is a state of fervent revival when the Lord returns or not.

“…lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28