Vote! Again, I Say, Vote!

… choose you this day whom ye will serve; … Joshua 24:15

It’s election season again. Our televisions and telephones are about to drive us crazy. In fact, this year one of our parties is really annoying me by sending texts that are unsolicited.

As has been the case for a couple of decades, the differences are growingly dra-matic between parties and candidates. Today, a born-again Bible believing Christian must make choices not on their personal benefit but on Biblical truth and principles. We must also choose not on what a candidates claims or bra-vado but on facts. We are not electing a can-didate to be our pastor or parent.

We are electing a candidate to protect us, not to provide for us. A president’s duty is to protect us against all foreign and domestic enemies. They are to also represent the na-tion’s interest and not their own wherever they go. It is amazing how many of these politi-cians have become millionaires while in office or shortly afterwards.

It is also wrong for a Christian to not vote because you don’t like a candidate. So vote for a third party candidate if you can, in good Biblical conscience. I have in past but not this year as the stakes are too high. I be-lieve that our nation’s future is at risk. Per-haps, the best way to look at this is what vi-sions do the party’s platforms have for the future of America.

Here are some of the stated positions of the 2020 Democratic party as presented at their convention. Economically—universal health care to replace private; mandatory doubling of minimum wage; large increases to the progressive tax system; to pay for the social agenda; subsidized housing, mandatory pre-school & write-off college loan debts. Money for this will also come from weakening the defense budget. Meanwhile, they advocate a One World economic system.

Further they advocate global (oneworld) environmentalism, surrendering our courts & laws to the world courts. They advocate for L.G.B.T. complete rights, and punishment for those opposed or those that speak against it. The oppose voter citizen I.D.’s and national boarders. They are pro-abortion up to and many immediately after birth. They take the position of defunding the police as well.

The Republicans basically offer a conservative platform; fiscally, constitutionally, legally, and socially. They emphasize the rights of the individual over a collective or state control, hence deregulation, protect American jobs in a global economy. This also includes tax cuts, credits, or incentives for hiring and paying more. Most importantly they are pro-life, for most, while recognizing some rare exceptions. They also oppose mandatory rights for being L.G.B.T. , and are against punishing those opposed to such behavior.

I believe the choice. I personally do not know how any true Bible believing Christian can vote for a party who is pro-death, pro-lasciviousness, pro One World economy laws, and economy. I cannot comprehend why anyone would vote to restrict individual rights, protection, employment, and responsibilities.

Joshua 24:15c “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”