Foundations Bible Study Series

Join us at Tomah Baptist Church every Sunday at 9:30am for our Foundations Video & Study Series created by Ken Ham. All are welcome!

Australian-born author Ken Ham uses modern events as the backdrop for the most important messages of his life. Millions of Christians have decided that the Bible is out of date. They’ve decided that the words of Jesus aren’t always true. This series based on 30 years of ministry—reveals the alarming state of Christianity.

Today, possibly more than at any time in America’s history, a culture detached from God and willingly ignorant of His hand in creation and world events needs Jesus. But the church is not nearly as effective in reaching the lost as it was only a generation ago. There is a foundational reason.

Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Our next teen and adult Sunday morning Bible study, beginning January 24, will be a study that fits nicely after Pastor Tobin’s recent Sunday night series on how to witness in our changing world. It is a 12-week study by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis designed to inform Christians of the foundational nature of today’s attacks on the Word of God, beginning with the biblical account of creation in Genesis. It will help us understand why our witnessing cannot be done in the manner that has been used for decades. The people we approach today have a different mindset. This study will equip us with answers to many of the questions (objections) that people have today.

The Foundations DVD series reflects Ken Ham’s lifework in affirming the authority of God’s Word. This Leader Guide will allow you to effectively use the 12 DVD sessions to inform Christians of the foundational nature of today’s attacks on the Word of God, beginning in Genesis.

The study includes:
 12 DVD lessons of 25 to 30 minutes each
 Individual participant guides (available for $6.00 each)
 A leader guide with discussion questions to aid our understanding

Among the many topics we will cover over the next several weeks are:

The Relevance of Genesis
Why is Genesis so important? Ken Ham uses news stories of recent events combined with Scripture to address today’s most pressing issues. Includes scores of photos and illustrations, plus a mini-interview that reveals his passion for helping Christians to truly understand the distressing impact of disregarding the authority of Scripture.Revealing the Unknown God (Evangelism)
American culture has changed substantially, but our approach to evangelism has not. The key is to “de-Greekize” our families and our churches, beginning with ourselves! To truly reach today’s culture we have to help them understand that God’s Word is true as we spread the seed of the gospel.

One Blood, One Race
Understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” prejudice, and much more! Ken discusses Charles Darwin’s destructive teaching regarding skin color, facial features, etc.

Always Ready (Defending the Faith)
1 Peter 3:15 says that we must always be ready to defend the truth of the Bible. But does the idea of being “ready” make your heart beat fast with fear? Ken Ham shares proven ideas and the basics of apologetics to affirm the truth of the Bible in our modern age. This presentation will embolden you to share your faith with others!

In Six Days
What difference does it make today whether the “days” of Genesis 1 were real 24-hour days or millions of years? Here, Ken Ham clears up today’s common misunderstandings in the debate about the “six days” of Creation. Also discover why some pastors and educators avoid this topic and say we really can’t know the truth.

Death the Enemy
Some ministers tell their congregations that death is our friend. But God designed a perfect world—no death, no pain. Adam’s sin brought death and suffering. Our world is now in need of restoration, and Ken shares the story of the agonizing death of his brother, a pastor and loving father, to illustrate that death is our enemy, and one day it will be vanquished!

We plan to present the material in three classrooms:
 Ladies – in the main auditorium
 Men – in the double room at the west end
 Teens – in the Teen Room

Be prepared:
You can best prepare by reading Genesis, chapters 1 to 11, beforehand.
Pastor Donald Root