Pastor Don Root


The Joy of Encouragement

In The Joy of Encouragement, we are going to delve into Scripture so that we can build this critical attribute into our arsenal. The Bible shows us that encouragement is available in so many different places We can find it in solitude and in songs. We can find it in our marriages. We can find it in the church. And most of all, we can find it in the Gospel! After all, there is no more encouraging news than the knowledge that we have been reconciled to God by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. And there is no shortage of places where we need to be vigilant encouragers. You will learn how you can easily and readily offer healing and life to those around you – your family, friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers. With this book, you will learn how to redirect your life and look intentionally for encouragement. It helps you to experience joy and improve your relationship with others.


Who Was Charlotte Shaw

There is a wooden plaque in the shape of Africa on the wall across from the water fountain as you enter the church. Set within the plaque is a picture […]


Living Without Professional Sports

I enjoy following professional sports—football, basketball, and golf in particular. They provide a diversion from the busyness of normal life. I enjoy the beauty of the athletic talent on display, […]


Welcome Home

As Debbie and I approached the airport gate we were to fly out of, we noticed that outside there were several squad cars and other emergency vehicles gathering. Debbie asked […]


The Keys of Thanksgiving

In 2014, I was asked to give a message at our Thanksgiving Eve service. Because this is November, I thought I would take the occasion to repeat the main thoughts […]