Women’s Day 2019 – Strengthening The Things Which Remain

Join us for our annual Women’s Day. We celebrate with joy, laughter and even tears the triumphs and trials we all experience. We will start the day with a delicious breakfast, enjoy some music and fellowship, great workshops, a wonderful lunch, and challenging, uplifting speaking, and sharing of hearts and ideas.

Don’t forget to stop by the Stores in the Fellowship Hall.

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Mrs. Linda Wilkerson was reared in a Christian home. She accepted Christ as her personal Saviour at the age of eight years old. As a junior in high school, Mrs. Wilkerson surrendered her life to full-time Christian service. Linda enrolled in Hyles Anderson College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. There she met and married the love of her life—Dr. John Wilkerson. Mrs. Wilkerson is the mother of nine children: Tyler (now in heaven), Derrick, Preston, Lydia, Drew, Coleman, Judson, Mason, and Lacey.

Mrs. Wilkerson brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience about God’s work. For the last sixteen years, she has served as the senior pastor’s wife. The Wilkerson’s are presently serving at the First Baptist Church of Hammond and Hyles Anderson College.

Mrs. Wilkerson is a soul winner. She is often seen in church sitting with the converts who have accompanied her to church in order to make a public profession of faith and be baptized. Mrs. Wilkerson’s hospitable spirit is well known. She uses her home as a tool to refresh weary servants of Christ and to disciple new converts. It is not a strange occurrence for her Sunday table to be set for twenty or more guests.

Mrs. Wilkerson’s life verse is I Samuel 12:24


Registration Fee Includes:
-Hot Breakfast
& Fantastic Fellowship
Cost: After September 11th, 2019 – $25

Our Workshops

Prayer…A Plan and A Purpose
Ruth BumgardnerHaving learned that prayer is the key to all that God can do in and through my life has brought me to two important realizations. In seeing the tremendous results that these realizations have brought about in my prayer life, it is my heartfelt desire to share this prayer plan and its purpose with my sisters in the Lord.
Take ME out of the Equation
Carol JamesWhat do you think of using that–as in Me divided by Me = 1. When you divide anything by itself you get 1. We want to be that representative of the One True God.
Bible Journaling (SOLD OUT)

Angel ZellmerJoin us as we used mixed media art in our devotions. Explore a new way to search the Scriptures and commit Gods Word into our heart. Each participant will need a journal or Bible in which they are comfortable painting.

Depression & Anxiety
Sue DelaneyDepression and Anxiety: A Biblical Approach. This brief over-view examines the emotions of fear/anxiety and sorrow/depression. Learn God’s desire for these emotions. Identify warning signs that fear and sorrow are going in the wrong direction. Test your heart desires, and look at Psalm 63 for God’s desired patterns of response.
World Influence for Home
Kim LedgerwoodThis workshop is my feeble attempt to describe growing soul-consciousness in a family without jargon or agendas. We will explore facing the challenges, excuses, sacrifices and short-comings we all bring to evangelism face-on, and how we begin building a solid foundation for meeting spiritual needs in others on what is left, once all the rubble is cleared away.

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