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midweek children's club at Tomah Baptist Church

We invite you to visit our weekly Bible club for children, Soldiers For Christ. It is designed for children ages 5 to 12. Soldiers For Christ is a safe, fun and exciting place to learn about God and the Bible, while Our goal is to provide children with a challenging opportunity to memorize God’s Word, andteach them to apply His Word in their lives.


children learning about God's Word at Tomah Baptist ChurchOur Wednesday night Bible club for children starts at 7:00 p.m., lasts about an hour and a half, and consists of games, Scripture Memorization, Bible time, singing, and a reward time. Our intent is to glorify God in all that we do.

The curriculum is designed to be progressively complex, as the child grows older and learns more. We have four main age groups that we refer to as levels, that provides five possible books per level. Girls and boys share the same level names. 

These levels include:

  • KNIGHTS (AGES 9-10)
  • RANGERS (AGES 11-12)

Dress code consists of modest clothing. We ask that the girls not wear dresses, since we do outdoor games and activities. Boys should be sure their jeans are not too baggy, since we do a lot of running and playing, and do not want the children injured or hampered by their clothing.

*After attending Soldiers For Christ Club consistently for several weeks, each child earns their own club shirt to wear.

The children receive points and awards for:

  • Wearing their club shirt,
  • Bringing a Bible,
  • Brining in their dues (25 cents),
  • Bringing a friend, and
  • Memorizing Scripture verses.

*Each quarter (every three months), the top three children that have accumulated the most points, are rewarded trophies and gift cards from Walmart.

Special trips, sledding days, hay wagon rides, helping to create a parade float, and riding in the 4th of July Parade, pizza parties and even outdoor grilling is often part of the fun. Your kids won’t want to miss a single meeting!

van1Click Here to find us, or call us at (608) 372-2071 during office hours to arrange for us to pick up your child or children, and return them with our church Van Ministry.

Download this pdf file from Tomah Baptist Church of Tomah, WIClick Here To View and Save the JumpMaster Bible Verses List

Download this pdf file from Tomah Baptist Church of Tomah, WIClick Here to View and Save the PathFinders Bible Verses List


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